Key points of plywood

According to the engineering properties, the use of location, environmental conditions and other factors of selection of different kinds and levels, materials, decoration and format of the plywood.

2) decoration should choose the precious wood veneer plywood.

3 interior decoration with plywood, should comply with the GB50222 "building interior design fire code" provisions.

4) may be affected with damp of the hidden part of the requirements of high waterproof and should consider the use of type I or II type of plywood, outdoor use plywood should choose.

5) panel decorative need transparent varnish (also known as edible vegetable oil), keep wood surface natural color and texture, should focus on the choice of panel material, decorative pattern and color; if you do not need to consider the patterns and colors of panel, should also be according to the environment and the cost of reasonable selection of plywood grades, Brass Bibcock Water Taps categories.