Notice of the density board

Keep the MDF dry and clean, do not rinse with plenty of water, pay attention to avoid the density board secretary soaking period. If the density plate grease and stains, should pay attention to the timely removal, can use soft neutral detergent and warm water for processing, the best use and density board supporting the special density board protect clean liquid to clean. Do not use Jianshui, soap and other corrosive liquid density in the surface of contact, do not have to use the flammable liquids such as gasoline and other high-temperature liquid to wipe the density board.

2, it is recommended to place the door at the pedal rub pad, to prevent the dust into the dust particles, damage density board; overweight items should be put on a smooth; handling furniture, do not drag and drop, to lift the move is appropriate.

3, the density of plate surface stains and grease please clean with household cleaners, do not use a lot of water to clean the density board. The density of plate surface in case of stains, not dripping mop wipe moisture for general use. If stained with chocolate, oil, fruit juice, beverages, etc., only with warm water and a neutral detergent can be used to wipe. If you are lipstick, wax, ink and other pollution, can be gently wipe with methanol or acetone.