Product classification of multi-layer solid wood board

Melamine panel

Choose a variety of high quality MDF, particleboard, moisture-proof board, double-sided pressure stick melamine dipping line, made into a variety of high-grade decoration plate, suitable for all kinds of office furniture, high-grade wardrobe, all kinds of mobile door health partition and so on.

Imported melamine wood laminate: the quality of Eucalyptus wood plate, both sides of melamine, the product reached E1 Gouji environmental testing standards, with antibacterial, mildewproof, waterproof, acid and alkali resistant, anti pollution, easy to clean, no paint smell, no taste of Chinese fir, the original flat plates, deformation is your home decoration of choice for products.

Porcelain mirror panel

Porcelain mirror panel: the use of high-quality E1 - grade board, the product reached the international level E1 environmental testing standards.