Composition Structure Of Polyvinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl chloride is a kind of polymer material that uses a hydrogen atom in the substitution of a chlorine atom, and it is an amorphous polymer with a small amount of crystalline structure. The structure of this material is as follows: [- CHCl -]n - CH2. PVC is a linear polymer which is associated with the head and tail structure of VCM monomer. The carbon atom is a zigzag arrangement, all atoms are connected by a bond. All carbon atoms are SP3 hybrid.

In the PVC molecular chain, there is a short and regular structure. With the decrease of the polymerization temperature, the degree of the improvement of the degree of the. There are PVC macromolecular structure in wharf structure, branched chain, double bond, allyl propyl chloride, tertiary chlorine instability of structure, the heat deformation and aging shortcomings of the poor. So after crosslinking, the disadvantages can be eliminated.