Plywood Introduction

Plywood is by wood rotary cut veneers or cut into thin wood by wood planing, re-use adhesive glue and the three or more layers of sheet material, usually with odd veneer and make adjacent lamina in the fiber direction perpendicular to each other are glued together.

Plywood is furniture is one of the commonly used materials, as one of the three man-made board plate. It can also be used for material of aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles, construction, packing boxes, and so on. A group of single plate usually in adjacent layers of grain direction perpendicular to each other group blank glued together, usually the table board and the inner plate are symmetrically arranged on both sides in the center layer or the core plate. The slab with single board gelatinized by grain direction with the arranged in a crisscross pattern in the heating, or heating conditions and pressing. The number of layers is usually odd, and a few have even numbers. The physical and mechanical properties of the vertical and horizontal direction are small. There are three common types of plywood plywood, plywood etc.. Plywood can improve wood utilization, is a major way to save wood.