Product Features Of Multilayer Solid Wood Board

Multilayer plywood compared to ordinary plywood market, with little distortion, high intensity, internal quality (cut after sawing small holes, non hierarchical), good flatness, production 5--40mm different thickness, arranged in crisscross on multilayer solid wood board, plywood as base material, surface to high-quality solid wood paste skins or wood science and technology for the fabric, the cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding, health and other number from the production process and. Due to multilayer solid wood plate has characteristics of easy deformation and good adjusting the indoor temperature and humidity of the excellent performance, surface layer solid wood veneer material with natural wood texture and feel, so more selective. Therefore, much of the favor of consumers. The multi-layer solid wood board has the structure stability is good, not easy to be deformed. Due to vertical and horizontal bonding, high temperature and high pressure, from the internal stress to solve the deformation of the solid wood plate. In the production process, the use of self-made quality environmental protection glue, so that the formaldehyde release of products to meet the requirements of the national standard, green environmental protection.