PVC Faced Foam Board

Product Details
Product   Description PVC Foam   Board:  It made through foaming and   pressing into shape with additives, it’s very light and can be carried and   processed easily, the main material is PVC, it has the advantages of   water-proof and fire-resistant, wide range of application outdoor and   indoor. 
Dimension width:   1220mm, length: 2440mm or as request,    thickness: 3-18mm
Technical Data Density:   450-650kgs/m3, can be according to customers requirement.
    Surface density: 857.4kgs/m3
    Shore Hardness: 51.5Hd
    Charpy impact strength:59kJ/m2
    Internal bonding: 1.38MPa
    Surface screw holding: 2345N
Features & Advantages 1,   light weight, facilitates storage and transportation
    2, fireproof and flame retardant, self-extinguishing in 3 seconds after   leaving the fire
    3, sound insulation, heat insulation, noise absorption,
    4, moisture resistant and mould resistant, don’t absorb water
    5,no deformation, good tenacity, high rigidity, good impact resistant
    6, easily to processed
    7, good plasticity, being an excellent thermoform material
    8, anti-chemical corrosion, easy to clean and maintain
    9, suitable to silk screen print
    10, anti-aging, life span long as 50 years
Processing performance 1,   plastic coated, membrance-stuck and printed, painted, UV coated with   different colour as like
    2, with the usual equipment and tools, it can be processed again.
    3, welding and bonding
    4, cutting and sawing
    5, bending when heated-up, thermal forming
    6, hole-drilling, Channeling and die cutting
    7, nail, wrest and rivet.
Application 1,outdoor   wall board, advertisement board for printing,
    2, partition board, exhibition display and shop window
    3, engraving, cutting, sawing for architectural decoration and   upholstery
    4,commercial residential furniture, cabinet.
    5, Chemical anti corrosion project


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